Big Changes

August 1, 2018




1. Level Based Dance Training 

This year I will be moving forward with our level based dance training. Last year, the classes were solely divided by age and grade level. The latter class structure gave me the opportunity to access the students' technique and skill level during the first year, but as we move into the new year, the goal is to have students advance based on their individual talent and technique which cannot be accomplished in a grade level based curriculum. 



Ballet students will study a mixture of the Cecchetti (Italian) and Vaganova (Russian) ballet methods and will be required to take a physical and or written test each semester to ensure advancement. Students will not only study the physical form of ballet but the language as well. The core ballet curriculum begins with Pre-Ballet (ages 5 - 8*) which does not require a placement audition, however, Level 1 classes do. I would like to see all students ages 7 & up at the placement audition as some may be ready for the Level 1 training. Please be sure to register for the placement audition.


This year's ballet curriculum stops at Level 1A as no student is technically prepared for level 2, and as per curriculum, each student must test out of Level 1 before advancing to the next level. 


Note - a student can stay at the same level for 1 or 2 years before advancing. This does not mean a student is not progressing; it just means that they need a little more time to hone their current skills. This will be primarily true of younger dancers in a class, but may not always be the case. Ballet is about repetition, so the more a student works on the little details, the better dancer they become. 



This year tap and jazz will start at age 7. I will consider younger students based on maturity, but I need students who are focused to get them ready for the next level. I recommend that younger students begin with ballet as it will help them advance once they are ready for the other classes. 



Auditions for this class will be held at the studio on August 24th and 25th. Dancers will learn choreography on the 24th and audition on the 25th. Time to be determined. 



New! The Delta Dance & Performing Arts' Dance Team is for the serious dancer looking to go beyond the traditional dance class setting. Team members will participate in outdoor outings ( weather permitted), master classes, local performances, special skills training, and more. Travel may be required for some events.


*Must be Enrolled in Jazz Fusion or Contemporary Modern Class. Audition Required. 


2.Tuition Costs 


Some of you may have noticed tuition costs have changed from last year. All tuition except for Creative Movement & Pre-Ballet, are charged by the hour. This is a better pay scale for those of you with students taking multiple classes. No additional multi-class discounts will be applied to tuition this year as the pay scale is already set up to give you one. 


3. Homeschool Payments

I will be accepting direct payments from homeschool programs this year. 


Note - Because the programs require services to be rendered before payment, no family discounts are applied to monthly tuition. 


4. Class Extensions and Studio Etiquette

All classes (except Creative Movement & Pre-Ballet) are now at least one hour long. If you have a dancer in one of the longer classes, I ask that you do not hang out at the studio out of respect for myself and your dancer. We need a quiet space for the dancers to study.


Stay in the know

The website will be the go-to for information this year. I am in the process of creating a parent and student sign in where you will find the studio calendar, parent portal link, and more. Some of you have already created an account on the website which is great! There isn't much to view at the moment but stay tuned.


Thanks, Y'all,



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August 1, 2018

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